Web Site Maintenance Services

Maintain an Existing Website

No Web site should be simply created, uploaded to a server and left alone! Whether Figgy Newton Web Designs created your Website or not, we can handle most regular maintenance that you may require. We can make periodic changes to news items, for example, or if you need to change the price of items on your site – we’ll even help you manage email acounts, and more!

PrePaid Maintenance Plans:

Month-to-month: $55 per month ~ Six months: $300 ~
Yearly: $600


You can retain our services for periodic maintenance and updates to your site. We have several plans to choose from that will meet any budget and Web site update requirements. The plans include up to two hours of maintenance per month.

Hourly, per-incident: $35/hour
Month-to-Month contract: $55 – That’s $15 off of the hourly rate for two hours
Six month contract: $300 – That’s a $120 savings and you get one month free!
Annual contract: $600 – Save $135 and get three months free!

Maintenance does include:

  • Minor changes to a page’s text, links, and images on an existing page (up to 200 words or 6 images per page)
  • Minor changes to the layout of a page
  • Adding additional navigation bar links and linked Web pages
  • Web hosting account management (adding/deleting email accounts, ftp accounts, etc)
  • Site functionality (navigation and similar server-based work)
  • Editing and upgrading installed Web application source code

Maintenance does not include:

  • Creating a new Web page
  • Additions to your Web site such as adding a photo gallery or shopping cart
  • Search Engine Optimization Services above and beyond ‘Meta Keywords’ and ‘Meta Description’.
  • Changes to a Web page that alter more than 50% of the page’s text or images
  • Interactive Forms and dynamic content development involving programming languages.

Please note:

  • Minimum 1 hour billed for any hourly-rate work done
  • Contracted plans are pre-paid
  • Contracts include up to two hours per month
  • For Contracts, hourly rate take affect for any time worked over two hours in a calendar month
  • Work will be completed within 48 hours of your confirmation of the quoted price

With a maintenance contract we can overhaul existing pages or add one or more new pages to your site at the rate of $40.00 per page.


Redesign an Existing Web Site

And if you already have an existing Website, we can work with you on a complete redesign of your entire site or just make some minor changes.


Maybe your website was fine when you had it built, but additional content has caused it to distort. Perhaps you’ve added services and features, and you are not sure how to add or update such content to your website. Possibly you no longer care for the color scheme, but like the layout and content. What if you would like additional feaures and functions installed? This could include the addtion of an online shopping cart or blog. Perhaps the growth of your business has doubled your staff and you want an entitre section on your website devoted to them. You want change, but not a completely new website. We can help you.

Our Hourly Redesign Rate is applied when editing your website’s template or style sheet and optimising your website for search engines. In addition to this hourly rate, additional service rates are applied, based on your needs and proposed project:

Hourly Redesign Rate: $35/hour
w/ Contract Per Page Rate: $40
w/o Contract Per Page Rate: $65
Contact Us Form (with spam prevention): Page + $25
Questionnaire/Application Form: Page + $40
Custom Photo Re-Touching: $30/hour, charged in 15 minute increments.
4 Generation Pedigree: $30.00
Product Entry: $40/hour
Additional Photos (beyond 6 per page) $5


Perhaps you liked the look of your website when it was first created, but now feel it’s time for a change. Often times, we hear from those that used template and free website builder tools only to find that they can’t find themselves in a search engine search. Enhanced redesign is also the way to go when you wish to convert your static, HTML website to a CMS (Content Management System) that will allow you to modify it yourself.

We can create and apply a uniform, attractive style for your site, make it easy to navigate and optimise each page for search engines, generating more customers for you. There would be no disruption to your site for this kind of work and you could approve all changes before they go live.

Select one of our Web Design Packages and we will use the content on your current website to perform your redesign.


Other Services

We also offer consultancy services for Website design and development projects. If you need something fixed on one page on your existing Web site, or just need to know how to do something yourself, we will be happy to help you on a per-incident basis.

The fee for such services is $35 per hour; however, depending on the service(s) provided, the rate may vary.


All maintenance services are subject to our Terms of Service Agreement and require a signed contract before work will commence.